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Avi's portrait
School of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv 69978, Israel
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fax icon +972-3-6407334 Skype me! Skype: avi.kribus
mobile icon +972-54-5798114 221 Wolfson ME Building
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shana tova
News Jonathan Koskas has won an excellence scholarship from the Faculty of Engineering award
Ben Shalom has won a 2-year M.Sc. fellowship from the Ministry of Energy award
Best presentation award: to Omer Luria's work on ellipsometric measurements of 2-D monolayers
Presented at: ICMSN 2020, July 2020
Waste to energy Students' project - converting cafeteria organic waste to biogas wanted
Invited lecture on Thermo-electro-chemical storage of solar energy
Presented at: UHTES Workshop, Nov. 2019 at Madrid
Best paper award: to Michal Deckelbaum's work on static mixers in chemical reactors
Presented at: HEFAT 2019, July 2019 at Wicklow, Ireland
Research Solar energy: photonic, thermal,
   and thermionic conversion
Energy storage
Thermodynamics, Heat transfer

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