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Matlab files in this directory:

 LocallyOrderlessTrackingLocally Orderless Tracking main function
 buildCostMatrixBuild a the cost/ground distance matrix for the EMD calculation
 buildParticleCDFBuild particle Cumulative Distribution Function
 buildSuperPixelsIndexImagePerform over segmentation of input image ROI into N clusters (or less)
 computeGaussDistCompute the "Gaussian-Distance" between point sets X and Y
 computeUniformMixDistCompute the "Uniform-Mix-Distance" between point sets X and Y
 displayTrackingReusltsDisplay tracking results
 emd_mexEMD (Earth Movers Distance)
 estimateGaussGaussParamsEstimate ground distance parameters sigA & sigL based on EMD flow
 estimateGaussUniformParamsEstimate gound distance parameters sigA, R & alpha based on EMD flow
 estimateSigmaEstimate Gaussian sigma value for time t+1
 estimateUniforMixAlphaAndREstimate unifrom mixture parameters
 getFrameListGet a list of all PNG or JPG frames in input directory
 getParticleROISet ROI for superpixel calculation
 getSignatureFromSuperPixelImageBuild signature representation for provided ROI based on superpixel image
 loadDefaultParamsSet default parameter configuration for LOT
 loadFrameLoad a frame from file
 predictParticlesPredict chosen paritcle state at time t+1 assuming zero motion and noise
 sampleParticlesSample new particles from given set according to CDF
 setInitialTargetPositionSets initial target position as defined in param or from user
 sum2Sum all entries of matrix A
 updateParticlesUpdate the particles for the next frame
 updateTargetStateUpdates target state to maximum likelihood state

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