Group Publications (2005-2013)

Prof. Shachar Richter

Shachar Richter is associate professor at the materials science and engineering department at Tel-Aviv University and a core member at the University Center for Nano science and Nano technology. He received his BSc degree in Chemistry from Tel-Aviv University, MSc and Phd in Chemical Physics and Material Science from Weizmann Institute of Science working on nanodevices fabricated by scanning probe techniques. He then moved to Bell-Labs (Lucent Technology) to work for two years with Dr. Rafi Kleiman as a postdoctoral fellow, studying and developing novel techniques of scanning probe microscopy. He then spent additional year at Bell-Labs and Agere systems as a senior scientist (Member of the technical staff-MTS) .

In 2001 Prof. Richter Joined Tel-Aviv University and helped to form the molecular electronics lab at the University center for nanoscience and nanotechnology. From 2003 he was a faculty member at the school of chemistry and from 2013 he is co-founder of the department of material science and engineering heading the bio-and molecular electronics group