Recent advances in nanotechnology grant us the opportunity to fabricate structures with features which are much smaller than optical wavelengths. As a consequence, the optical properties of these materials are no longer determined by nature, but by their building blocks and design concepts. This provides a powerful tool to control light better than ever. At the NEO LAB we are using this to explore the interaction of light and matter at the nanometer scale, in order to gain fundamental understanding of the underlying physical rules of the nano world and to develop new electro-optical devices.

Active Plasmonic Nano Antennas

We create nano antenna complexes with tunable and switchable characteristics by studying the response of nano-antennas to light and embeding nano antennas in active dielectric environment

Nanowire Lasers

We study lasing action and complex dynamics in isolated semiconductor nanowires and arrays of semiconductor nanowires

Nonlinear Metamaterials

We create new nonlinear optical materials by fabricating metal-dielectric nano-complexes with small footprint and high nonlinear optical response


We are studying the interactions between excitons and photons at nanostructured environment at the strong and weak coupling regimes and using it to find new ways to control light or to harness electromagnetic energy at the nano scale