Avishai Wool's Graduate Students

Ph.D. Students

Mira Gonen
An incremental super-linear preferential Internet topology model. 2008
Yossi Oren
Algebraic power analysis in the presence of errors.  

M.Sc. Students

Noam Kogan
(Joint with Y.Shavitt)
A practical revocation scheme for broadcast encryption using smart cards. 2004
Danny Nebenzahl
(Computer Science)
Install-time vaccination of Windows executables to defend against stack smashing attacks 2005
Dmitry Rovniagin The geometric efficient matching algorithm for firewalls. 2005
Gonen Sagie
(Computer Science)
A clustering approach for exploring the Internet structure. 2005
Ophir Levy
A uniform framework for cryptanalysis of the Bluetooth E0 cipher. 2005
Amir Shenhav Toward securing untrusted storage without public-key operations. 2006
Yaniv Shaked Cracking the Bluetooth PIN. 2006
Yigael Berger
(Computer Science)
Dictionary attacks using keyboard acoustic emanations. 2006
Noa Bar-Yosef
(Computer Science)
Remote algorithmic complexity attacks against randomized hash tables. 2006
Ziv Kfir
Picking Virtual Pockets using Relay Attacks on Contactless Smartcard Systems 2007
Erel Geron CRUST: Cryptographic remote untrusted storage without public keys. 2007
Ilan Kirschenbaum How to build a low-cost, extended-range RFID skimmer. 2008
Ehud Doron WDA: A Web Farm Distributed Denial Of Service Attack Attenuator 2008
Ohad Ben-Cohen Korset: Automated, zero false-alarm intrusion detection for Linux. 2008
Eyal Ronen Operating System Security  
Idan Sheetrit FPGA design, Keeloq  
Dvir Schirman RFID relay attacks  
Niv Goldenberg SCADA networks  
Ory Smorodinsky
(Computer Science)
Internet auctions  

Masters Projects

Kfir Israel Network re-engineering with Citrix: measurements and simulation. 2004
Oren Malerevich A fast hardware implementation of the Rijndael Advanced Encryption Standard using field programmable gate arrays. 2004
Michael Rafael Security issues in IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANs. 2005
Erez Meirovich Implementation of AES on FPGA. 2005
Alex Arbit WIPR on UHF RFID DemoTag  
Dmitry Boyarer Side Channel attacks on Rabbit board  
Yoel Livne WIPR in ASIC/FPGA  

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