Gregory Zilman

Head of Laboratory of Marine Hydrodynamics
Academic Degrees: MS, PhD
Tel Aviv University, School of Mechanical Engineering
Phone: +972-3-640-9716, E-mail:

Education: Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute (Marine Technical University of St. Petersburg)
Research Interests: Naval and Marine Biology Hydrodynamics

I am interested in hydrodynamics and dynamics of bodies moving in sea such as large ships,
fish or tiny marine microorgnisms.

1. Fluid mechanics I.
2. Fluid mechanics II.
3. Introduction to aerodynamics.
4. Transport of contaminants in environment.
5. Swimming and flying in nature. (New)
6. Introduction to Naval hydrodynamics.
7. Ship viscous and wave resistance.
8. Propellers.
9. Ship maneuvering.
10. Ship motion in waves.

Some former and currents grants, collobaration

  • Israeli Science Foundation
  • Israeli Ministry of Science
  • Israeli Ministry of Economy
  • Italian Ministry of Environment Land and Sea
  • US Coast Guard,
  • Elbit systems Ltd.
  • Elta Ltd.

    Current Projects
    1. Mechanisms of hydrodynamic imaging in Blind Mexican Cave Fish. PLAY
    2. Settlement of marine larvae on bodies PLAY Bugula Neritina
    3. Marine biological luminiscence.
    4. Radar imaging of ship wakes.
    5. Maneuvering of high speed vessels
    6. Ship motion in random waves

    Main Awards

  • 1992-The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (OMAE Award):
    In Recognition of the Outstanding Originality and Significance in the Paper "Dead-Water Effects of a Ship".
  • 1994-The Prize of Excellence of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Israel: Presented by the President of Israel

    "A team of researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel has discovered
    a previously unknown navigational aid used by a species of blind fish." Read more here...

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