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Properties of novel materials Structural and Electronic properties of novel materials (e.g. chemically modified graphene, novel metal-oxides
(In/Al)GaN and others).
Interaction of light with matter and electrons dynamics Non-linear effects in molecules and nano-structures, photo-voltaic cells, and electrons dynamics in systems.
Multi-scale modeling of materials and devices Developing theoretical methods to integrate first principles calculations with macroscopic and intermediate scale models.
Physical phenomena at surfaces and interfaces research of emerging phenomena of materials with different dimensionality or at interfaces. I am especially interested in electric and magnetic properties at interfaces and in modeling of dynamical processes of atom adsorption at surfaces.
Real-Space approach to DFT and time-dependent DFT - I participate in the international effort of the PARSEC real-space code, this includes development of new methods as well as practical approaches for fast calculations (e.g. parallel computing and GPUs).