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Prof. Eli Jerby

Faculty of Engineering, Tel Aviv University

Ramat-Aviv, 6997801 ISRAEL

E-mail: jerby@eng.tau.ac.il  

Tel. +972-3-6408048

פרופ' אלי ג'רבי

הפקולטה להנדסה, אוניברסיטת תל אביב

רמת אביב 6997801


& patents

1980 - Now

Recent studies:

Local melting and cutting of iron bulks by a synergic microwave-DC thermal skin effect,”

by Y. Shoshani, E. Jerby; Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 118, Art. No. 194102, 2021.  [Link]

Concrete cutting by a solid-state, localized microwave-heating (LMH) applicator,”

by Y. Shoshani, T. Levin, E. Jerby; Trans. IEEE-MTT, 2021.  [Link]

Incremental solidification (toward 3D-printing) of metal powders by transistor-based microwave applicator:  

      by A. Shelef and E. Jerby, Materials and Design, Art. No. 108234 (Vol. 185, Jan. 5, 2020).   [Article]

Localized microwave-heating (LMH) of basalt – Lava, dusty-plasma, and ball-lightning ejection by a miniature volcano:

      by E. Jerby and Y. Shoshani, Scientific Reports, Art. No. 12954 (2019).    [Article]

Research students:

Yoav Shoshani

Previous studies:

·  Cyclotron-resonance masers (CRM’s)

·  Free-electron lasers & masers (FEL’s, FEM’s))

R&D topics related to localized microwave-heating (LMH):

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LMH theory and paradigm

Nano-powder production

The microwave drill

Metal-powder combustion


Solid-state microwave heating

Underwater thermite ignition

Academy & Society

In Hebrew 1999-2005

Fireballs and plasmoids 

3D printing / Additive manufacturing

Basalt melting, “miniature volcano”

The bubble-marble effect


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