Fireballs excited by Microwaves

Eli Jerby

Papers (2006-2013)

Materials (2013):

Observations of ball-lightning-like plasmoids ejected from silicon by localized microwaves

Physical Review Letter (2006):

Fireball ejection from a molten hot-spot to air by localized microwaves

Physical Review Letter (2008):

Evidence for nanoparticles in microwave-generated fireballs observed by

synchrotron X-ray scattering

Applied Physics Letter (2009):

Nanoparticle plasma ejected directly from solid copper by localized microwaves

GCMEA Proceedings (2008):

Fireballs ejected from solids and liquids by localized microwaves


Video clips (2006):

Fireball generation from hot spot in glass

Fireball floating in air

Fire column

Secondary fireball

Spontaneous fireball generation


Media (2006):

Nature Physics Research Highlights

Nature Nanotechnology

Physics World

Physics Web

Fox News

The Economist

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (in German)



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