Fireballs and fire-columns excited by microwaves



Eli Jerby



Scientific Reports (2019):

Localized microwave-heating (LMH) of basalt Lava, dusty-plasma, and ball-lightning ejection by a miniature volcano [Article]

Journal of Applied Physics (2015):

Plasma column and nano-powder generation from solid titanium by localized microwaves in air

Materials (2013):

Observations of ball-lightning-like plasmoids ejected from silicon by localized microwaves

Physical Review Letter (2006):

Fireball ejection from a molten hot-spot to air by localized microwaves

Physical Review Letter (2008):

Evidence for nanoparticles in microwave-generated fireballs observed by

synchrotron X-ray scattering

Applied Physics Letter (2009):

Nanoparticle plasma ejected directly from solid copper by localized microwaves

GCMEA Proceedings (2008):

Fireballs ejected from solids and liquids by localized microwaves


Video clips

YouTube channel

Fireball generation from hot spot in glass

Fireball floating in air

Fire column

Secondary fireball

Spontaneous fireball generation



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