RAGE - graphlet enumeration algorithm


The page describes a tool to enumerate graphlets in large undirected graphs. The tool outputs the results both in CSV and in WEKA's arff format. The algorithms for this tool are described in:

Software and Usage

RAGE executable is available for download here. Currently only a Windows executable exist, work is done to create a unix executable. The source for this software is openly available on this web page, and should be easily converted for unix.

Running RAGE

To run RAGE from the command line use: RAGE [file-name]

where [file-name] is an input graph in the form of a text file containing the graphs edge-list (e.g. sample graph). The output will be located in the "Result" folder created after the run.

An additional optional file with known node classes can be added to the run graph by adding a file with the name "NodeTypesList.txt" to RAGE executable folder (e.g. sample known set). The file should be in the form of lines consisting of [NODE_ID] [long name (no space)] [classification_ID].
1 tel_aviv_univ EDU
2 jerusalem_univ EDU
3 at&t LTP

RAGE's Output

The output of RAGE will appear under the folder "Results" and will come in the form of: *.CSV (comma seperated vector) and *.arff (WEKA)
Rage graphlets id's follow the same convention of Uri Alon's motif dictionary (pdf). Since the above convention does not contain reference to the node position, we modified to ids as follows:

Source Code

Source code is located here and is free under the the revised BSD license.

Other papers on Motifs and Graphlets

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