PROVE Tool A state of the art process design solution

Yoram Reich, Avi Shaked


We offer a state of the art, easy to use modeling tool to facilitate proper planning and reporting of research related process descriptions and designs, particularly of interdisciplinary collaborations and suggested research methods.

The underlying model-based approach of the tool promotes systematic research design, reproducibility and theory building. The tool is based on extensive research, aiming to support a rigorous, systematic design of development related processes (research related processes included).


We would like to hear how the tool worked for you, and especially if you were able to improve your process design. Please provide feedback to and


Keywords: research related process design, development process modeling, method engineering, domain specific model, Eclipse Sirius


1.      Shaked, A., & Reich, Y. (2019). Improving Coordination and Collaboration in Connected and Automated Vehicle Development Projects Using Model Based Process Design (No. 2019-01-0103). SAE.

2.      Shaked, A., & Reich, Y. (2019). Designing development processes related to system of systems using a modeling framework. Systems Engineering 22(6), 561-575.


You can download our PROVE Tool (version 0.9) as a complete modeling environment or as a plugin to be installed on top of Eclipse Sirius distribution.


1.      Fully operational PROVE modeling environment (Obeo+PROVE Tool distribution) includes: Obeo Designer Community 11.3, with PROVE Tool plugin pre-installed. A demo model is included.

2.      PROVE Tool (Eclipse Sirius plugin) a PROVE Tool plugin archive file, ready for installation and use in an existing Sirius 6.3 distribution (such as Obeo 11.1 and above).

3.      PROVE Tool Tutorial (a PowerPoint presentation) a presentation showing how to set-up a PROVE model in Sirius/Obeo and how PROVE Tool can be used for process design.


Required configuration:

2 Ghz 64-bit (x64) processor

1 GB of available system memory

At least 500 MB of available space on the hard drive for installation

JRE version 8 (can be downloaded from


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