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Motto: A journal is a product; one that requires careful design, design with input from all its stakeholders. Consider yourself invited to take part in the continuous design and improvement of this journal by providing me input, for example, by commenting on this page.

Yoram Reich, PhD 



REDís mission

The international journal Research in Engineering Design (RED) is one of the premier journals on the subject of design, with particular emphasis on engineering design.

Papers that appeared in RED since its founding in 1989 are cited continually by the research community; they make their impact on other researchers and eventually find their way into practice. This marks the leading role that the journal serves in the community as the place to find papers with lasting impact on engineering design. We strive to publish the best research work that is relevant for the present but that also makes a lasting impact.


As a leading journal in engineering design, RED mission is to publish the highest quality papers that define what engineering design is.

This mission is translated into several activities:

  1. Continuously improve the quality of papers published in RED.
  2. Help foster better scholarship among engineering design researchers.
  3. Bring design into broader audience. This will help shape our position of what design is.


The journal scope is:


Research in Engineering Design is an international journal that publishes research papers on design theory and methods in all fields of engineering. The journal is designed for professionals in academia, industry and government interested in research issues relevant to design practice. Papers emphasize underlying principles of engineering design and discipline-oriented research where results are of interest or extendible to other engineering domains. General areas of interest include theories of design, foundations of design environments, representations and languages, models of design processes, and integration of design and life cycle issues. The journal also publishes state-of-the-art review articles.


As a journal, RED retains the characteristics of a classical academic journal whose mission is to accept papers, review and publish those that pass the review process in a timely manner. However, in order to foster dialogue between members of the engineering design research community, RED also publishes, letters to the editor and commentaries by leading experts (invited only). Other means of publication will be sought to support the mission of the journal including communication means outside the published pages of the journal.


The information accessed through this page is meant to help researchers submit quality papers that get accepted and make impact on subsequent research and practice of design.


(1)  RED Editorial Board

(2)  How to get your paper published? Guidelines for writing successful papers to RED (incomplete)

(3)  How to review papers? Guidelines for reviewing papers submitted to RED (incomplete)

(4)  RED review process

(5)  Special Issues policy


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