Melt flows in Czochralski crucible

in cooperation with M. Teitel and D. Schwabe

J. Cryst. Growth, 2008, v.310, 1343-1348

Experimental setup at the laboratory of D. Schwabe (University of Giessen, Germany)










See more photos of experimental setup:

Photo 1        Photo 2      Photo 3

Photo 4        Photo 5     Photo 6

Photo 7        Photo 8      Photo 9


See relevant publications:

Paper 33        Paper 40       Paper 42     Paper 43   




Experimental videos:  DT=10oC, Hmeniscus=1.5mm_horizontal

                                  DT=10oC, Hmeniscus=1.5mm_vertical

                                  DT=15oC, Hmeniscus=1.5mm_vertical

                                  DT=15oC, no rotation

                                  DT=15oC, rotation of 0.28 rps

                                  DT=15oC, rotation of 0.4 rps

                                  DT=20oC, no rotation

                                  DT=20oC, Hmeniscus=1.5mm

                                                   DT=20oC, Hmeniscus=1.5mm, rotation





Animations made from numerical results: 

                  DTcr=3.88oC, k=0, no rotation, small ampltude

                  DTcr=3.88oC, k=0, no rotation, large ampltude

                           DTcr=2oC, k=2, Re=200, horizontal

                           DTcr=2oC, k=2, Re=200, vertical

                           DTcr=2oC, k=3, Re=200, horizontal

                           DTcr=2oC, k=3, Re=200, vertical


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