Itay Shock, BSc ECE (Alumni, 2010-2012)

MSc Student
Itay Shock was a full-time MSc student in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Tel Aviv University. He is working in collaboration with the Laboratory of Cellular Biophysics and Imaging of Dr. Uri Nevo. Itay has done his BSc in Electrical Engineering at Tel Aviv University and then worked at Samsung Israel R&D Center as an Electro- Optics Engineer, where he developed and characterized imaging CMOS sensors for the market. Itay also worked in Primesense Israel as an Electro-Optics Engineer, where he developed 3D machine vision devices. In July 2010, he started working on his MSc thesis tilted: “Optical phase system for the measurements of cell dynamics”. He graduated and obtained his MSc degree in October 2012. 

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