Sharon Karepov, BSc BME (Alumni, 2013-2017)

MSc Student (with Dr. Tal Ellenbogen)
Sharon Karepov was an MSc student in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Tel Aviv University. She graduated her BSc in Biomedical Engineering in Tel Aviv University in September 2012 with majors in biomedical signals and systems. Her fourth year BSc project, tilted: “Digital holographic microscopy for quantitative measurements in red blood cells”, carried out in the Omni group. Since 2008 until September 2011 she has worked as a Medical Research Assistant at METEOR Medical Center. In October 2013, she started her MSc thesis in the OMNI group, in collaboration with Dr. Tal Ellenbogen from the Department of Physical Electronics, in which she develops optical devices based on plasmonic metamaterials for use in optical interferometric systems. 

Next Position after OMNI Group: PhD Student in ECE.

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