Dr. Michal Balberg, PhD Neural Computation (Alumni, 2015-2017)

Senior Visiting Scholar
Dr. Michal Balberg is a seasoned entrepreneur in the field of medical devices. She co-founded and led OrNim Medical from inception till commercial sales. Ornim develops and markets noninvasive monitoring devices based on acousto-optics. Dr. Balberg received her Ph.D. in Neural Computation, focusing on optics, volume holography and neural computation, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1998. Between 1998-2001, she was a Fellow and a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Beckman Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA. She joined the OMNI group in March 2015, and was in charge of the Momentum project for commercialization of interferometric technologies for clinical applications.

Contact Details:
Email: michal.balberg@gmail.com


Current Position: Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor), Faculty of Engineering, Holon Technical College (HIT), Holon, Israel.