Dr. Mattan Levi, PhD Biology

Visiting Scientist, Embryologist

Dr. Mattan Levi is a Clinical Embryologist and the manager of the Andrology Laboratory at Herzeliya Medical Center in Israel (one of the largest IVF centers in Israel). Mattan received his PhD in Cell and Developmental Biology from Tel Aviv University. He conducted research at the fields of reproductive and cancer biology, and was the founder and director of oncology research laboratory at Rabin Medical Center. Mattan collaborated with the OMNI group for several years as a consultant in developing a selection criteria of sperm cells imaged by interference phase microscopy as part of the Momentum project  sponsored by Ramot at Tel Aviv University. Since May 2019, he joined the OMNI group as a Visiting Scientist (part time, 20%). 

Contact Details:
Email: mattanlevi@gmail.com