Design Theories and Studies

See also: the n-dim project and the management of design quality (use of QFD techniques).

A Sample of Publications include:

         Reich, Y. (1991), Design Knowledge Acquisition: Task Analysis and a Partial Implementation, Knowledge Acquisition, 3(3):237-254.
Contrary to views presented before 1990, this paper shows that by breaking up design tasks into smaller subtasks, computational support can be designed to aid the overall task.
(Zipped pdf; 273K, one figure missing)

         Reich, Y. (1992), The Theory Practice Problem of Technology, Tech. Rep. EDRC 12-51-92, Engineering Design Research Center, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA.
This is a long document, very different from the other papers. It has some history of CAE and design research, some philosophy, and some future directions connected to the n-dim project. It is relevant to quality management, knowledge management, and other practices that involve theory and practice in cultural context.

(Gzipped Postscript 110K; Zipped PDF, 1.47M)

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