New paper accepted to Optics Letters

Haniel Gabai, Maya Baranes-Zeevi, Meital Zilberman and Natan T. Shaked

Abstract: We obtained continuous, noncontact wide-field imaging and characterization of drug release from a polymeric device invitro by uniquely using off-axis interferometric imaging. Unlike the current gold-standard methods in this field, which are usually based on chromatography and spectroscopy, our method requires no user intervention during the experiment, and involves less lab consumable instruments. Using a simplified interferometric imaging system, we experimentally demonstrate the characterization of anesthetic drug release (Bupivacaine) from a soy-based protein matrix, used as skin substitute for wound dressing. Our results demonstrate the potential of interferometric imaging as an inexpensive and easy-to-use alternative for characterization of drug release in-vitro.


Left - Quantitative phase profile resulted from drug release during 12 hours as measured by continuous wide-field interferometric imaging. The right lower frame illustrates the DDD location relatively to the FOV.

Right - Cumulative drug release profiles obtained from HPLC (solid line), off-axis interferometry (dotted line) and Weibull model (crossed line) for drug release period of 12 hours.

Figure is modified from Optic Letters [PDF].