Some Past Projects

(1)   Design Research:

a.       The interplay between mathematics and design

b.      Design Theories and Studies

c.       Participatory Design

d.      Organizational Knowledge Management/Collaborative Design/Information Management Systems (the n-dim project and more)

e.       Management of Design Quality (use of QFD techniques)

f.       Decision support systems (DSS) a framework for designing DSS for different applications as well as various DSSs

g.      Coaching product development teams

h.      Problem formulation/definition


(2)   Machine Learning in Practice:

a.       Knowledge Extraction (data mining) from Engineering Databases

b.      Using Multistrategy Machine Learning (including Case-Based Reasoning [CBR]) for Acquiring Design Knowledge (the ECOBWEB and Bridger projects and more)

c.       Case-Based Reasoning (CBR)


(3)   Example Domains:

a.       Knowledge-based reverse engineering

b.      AI techniques for supporting Bridge Engineering

c.       Design Support Systems for Electro-Mechanical Design/MEMS

d.      Decision support system for environmental decision making

e.       Design Support System for Preliminary Design of Marine Propellers

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